tiistai 3. toukokuuta 2011

DESIGNER INTRODUCTION #20: Anja-Katharina Schellenberg

NAME:  Anja-Katharina Schellenberg, fashion design
DESIGN PHILOSOPHY:  Smart cuts, unique prints and a mature concept creating garments with a strong attitude.
MY COLECTION: Birch Convict
WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATION FOR THIS COLLECTION?: The finnish forests especially the Birch Tree has been my most essential source of inspiration. I discovered a new crazy world where people are hidden in trees. I love garments with background stories. It´s like as if they have their own reason for existence.
MY BEST SKILL: I am a self-critical person, which always spurs me to give my best
MY HOBBIES: jogging and testing new baking recipes with my lovely friends :D
WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL: sunshine while awakening, the wind in my hair while I´m on my bike and to see ideas growing to great fashion

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